Love Nature’s New Original Series, Ireland’s Wild Islands, Takes Canadians On a Tour Of Its Atlantic Isles, Showcasing Majestic Wildlife and Rich Folklore Heritage 

Narrated by Eoin Warner, the two-part series premieres on Saturday, June 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on Love Nature in Canada

For much of European history, Ireland was a hidden gem; situated at the remote edge of the world, facing the vast Atlantic Ocean. Love Nature’s latest original series, Ireland’s Wild Islands (2×60’ 4K HDR), blends Ireland’s rich folklore with stunning cinematography to showcase the survival challenges of its untamed wildlife. Narrated by Eoin Warner, one of Ireland’s leading wildlife and outdoor television presenters, the series highlights the storm-ravaged outposts and the vital sanctuaries they provide through all four Atlantic seasons. Viewers will journey from Inishtrahull to Skellig, encountering red deer, basking sharks, humpback whales, grey seals, and more, as they explore the ancient land and its lore. Ireland’s Wild Islands premieres on Saturday, June 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on Love Nature in Canada.

Ireland’s Wild Islands was produced by Crossing the Line Productions for Love Nature. John Murray is the Director and Producer. Cepa Giblin serves as Producer and Jamie Fitzpatrick serves as Director. Executive Producers for Love Nature are James Manfull and Katie MurdockBlue Ant Studios‘ rights division oversees international licensing.

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Irish Folklore Stories, Myths and Legends:

  • The Children of Lir (Source)
    In the legend that inspired Swan Lake, an Irish King named Lir had four children who were turned into swans by their evil stepmother, the Queen. A woman of witchcraft, the Queen saw Lir’s children as a threat to her throne. For 900 years, they could only be human under a full moon. The spell was broken with the arrival of Christianity to Ireland.
  • Giant’s Causeway (Source)
    Legend has it that the Giant’s Causeway was created by the Irish giant Finn McCool to confront the Scottish giant Benandonner. When Benandonner saw Finn disguised as a large baby, he assumed his father must be far grander than him and fled back to Scotland, destroying much of the causeway in his haste.
  • Otherworld (Source)
    The Irish Otherworld is a supernatural realm intertwined with the Irish landscape, associated with beauty, health, and perpetual feasts. It often manifests through natural features like lakes, caves, and man-made structures like portal tombs.
  • Hares (Source)
    The Celts revered the hare as a sacred symbol of abundance and good fortune, associating it with the Otherworld. They believed these creatures possessed mystical connections. Legends spoke of shapeshifting hares assumedly able to take human form. One tale recounts how the renowned warrior Oisin wounded a hare during a hunt, which led him to discover a woman with a similar injury hiding in the undergrowth.