Born and Braised Recipe

Born and Braised

You can put away the frying pan because it’s time for Shin of beef served with beetroot and bone marrow gremolata.

4-6 people


The Brine
4 litres water
400g salt
150g sugar
400ml black treacle (supermarket)
3 bay leaves (farm shop)
4 cloves garlic (Wild Garlic can be foraged in various locations and is a seasonal product available late winter early spring)
25g pickling spices (farm shops, delicatessens)
250g honey (any good farm shop)
The Beef
3-4kg Peter Hannan’s shin of beef (bone in)
3 carrots (local farm shop)
1 onion (Milgro in Limavady)
2 celery sticks (farm shop)
1 leek (Roy Lyttle leeks)
2 bulbs garlic cut in half
500ml Dark Ale
300ml Comber honey
250ml red wine vinegar
50g salt
8 beetroots –
200ml red wine vinegar –
40g sugar
20g salt
2 litres water
Bone marrow gremolata
Zest of 2 lemons
40g grated horseradish –
20g table celery or fresh parsley chopped finely
400g Peter Hannan’s bone marrow, cooked and diced
400g croutons
4 cloves chopped garlic
20ml Broighter Gold rapeseed oil

Main Instructions
Bring the water, salt, sugar, black treacle, bay leaves, garlic, pickling spices and honey to the boil and then leave to cool.
The Beef Instructions
Add the shin of beef to the brine and leave for 24 hours.
Remove the beef from the brine and discard the brine.
Seal the beef all over on the hob and then place it in a deep roasting dish.
Slice the carrots, onion, celery, leek and sauté the vegetables along with the 2 bulbs of garlic until caramelised. Once caramelised, add to the roasting dish with the beef. Pour the ale, honey, red wine vinegar and salt over the beef. Cover the beef with water, place greaseproof paper on top and then cover with tin foil.
Cook in a preheated oven (140 degrees C) for 4 hours.
After cooking, remove the beef. Pass the remaining stock from the roasting dish through a sieve into a pan. Heat this stock on the hob until syrupy. Season as required and pour over the beef shin.
Beetroots Instructions
Clean the beetroots under cold water, then place into a pot. Add the red wine vinegar, sugar, salt and water and boil for 15 minutes. Leave the beetroots to cool in the water. When cool, peel the beetroots and set aside.
Bone marrow gremolata Instructions
Mix the lemon zest, grated horseradish, table celery, cooked and diced bone marrow, croutons, diced garlic and rapeseed oil together.
To finish the dish, place the beef onto a serving dish. Add the beetroots and put into the oven (180 degrees C) for 10 minutes to glaze. Add the bone marrow to the serving dish and serve.


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