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Beef and Stout Casserole with Herby Dumplings

Ingredients MAINSIDE 4 tablesp. sunflower oil500g shallots or button onions,...

Beef Stir-fry with Broccoli

The lime juice adds an extra zing to this quick and flavoursome stir fry. Ingredients

Beef and Stout Casserole with Colcannon

A delicious, rich and satisfying dish. It will taste even better if made a day or two ahead.

Irish Barmbrack

Barmbrack is a traditional Irish fruitcake which is also known as Irish Tea Cake depending on the time of year that you’re...

Succulent Roast Pork

This recipe is perfect to feed a crowd and the shoulder or gigot of pork are the best cuts to use. This...

Corned Beef & Parsnip Mash with Mustard and Cider Sauce

This is a traditional favourite and much enjoyed worldwide.... 1½ kg silverside or brisket corned...

Beef Goulash

Easy preparation of a delicious Beef Goulash... Ingredients 500g leftover roast beef cut into...

Tandoori Chicken with Pillau Rice and Lemon and Coriander Yoghurt

8 chicken thighs or 4 chicken breasts, skin removedSalt and freshly ground black pepper Marinade

Braised Beef in Irish Stout

The best recipe available using beef and stout. Ingredients 1kg shoulder beef, cut into thin...

Spatchcock Chicken with Crispy Sliced Potatoes and Herby Oil Dressing

This is a great way to get a juicy roast chicken, bursting with flavour. Ingredients