Aer Lingus Releases Visual Guides for Individuals Travelling with Autism

Aer Lingus has launched visual guides online to help prepare people with autism and similar conditions for air travel following a collaboration between Aer Lingus colleagues and the Kinney Center.

The guides, created in in partnership with the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support at Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, contain a series of visuals that walk the viewer through all the steps involved in preparing for and experiencing air travel, and are intended to ease anxieties surrounding flying for individuals with autism. It gives parents and caregivers unprecedented access to visuals that are not normally available, given today’s security standards. An industry first, the guides are now available for families and caregivers to download from

Each guide was produced by Kinney Center Board Certified Behaviour Analysts and our Aer Lingus colleagues in our North American Office in Jericho, with the cooperation of John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 5 and the Transportation Security Administration.

Aer Lingus Proud To Offer This Pro-active Resource
Speaking about the launch, Jack Foley, Vice President for Aer Lingus in North America commented:

“Aer Lingus is proud to offer this proactive resource that allows families and caregivers who fly with our airline to narrate and prepare for travel scenarios that could be challenging for individuals with autism. We are grateful to our partners at the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support for giving us this opportunity to respond to the needs of this population and for providing this essential support to our guests.”

The guides can be accessed online via