March, Irish Heritage Month ~ Canada

March is now Irish Heritage Month in Canada thanks to James Maloney MP for all his efforts in making this happen- James Maloney,  who represents Etobicoke-Lakeshore in the Canadian House of Commons, celebrates after his motion to designate March as Irish Heritage Month passed unanimously.

“It is about honouring the close bond between our two countries that is deep in our past. It is about celebrating a bright future between our two countries.”

In an interview James Maloney said: “My motion just passed in the House of Commons with unanimous consent. The month of March is now officially known as Irish Heritage Month” What an historic moment! Below please watch James Maloney, MP’s speech in December 2020 followed by the motion passed on March 10th, 2021

James Maloney, MP Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Irish Heritage Month Speech December 11, 2020

“To start and to be clear, this is not a motion to celebrate Irish ancestry as we do on March 17. Rather, it is a motion to recognize the many contributions that Canadians of Irish descent have made in building this country into what it is today. It is to ask the Parliament of Canada to say thanks and to recognize how much they have contributed. This is not to say they do not know, but it is to say that while making these many contributions, the Irish community has displayed a level of modesty that I wish to recognize and thank. They carry the pride of knowing how much they have contributed and I want them to know we know it too”

James Maloney, House of Commons on Irish Heritage Month Speech March 10th, 2021

“This is a motion to recognize the month of March as Irish heritage month. It has been a long time coming for me. It has been six years in the making. For others, it has been centuries. In fact, the idea was hatched in the Speaker’s office. Madam Speaker, I know this is near and dear to your heart because your son-in-law hails from Galway and you have two Irish grandchildren of whom you are very proud. Therefore, I am glad you are in the chair tonight.”

James went on to say “This motion is for those people who left Ireland for better opportunity, for those who did not make it to the shores of Canada. This motion is for those who did and devoted their lives to building our country into what it is now. This motion is for those who continue to do that today. This motion is for future generations that are proud of their Irish heritage. I think of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, our Irish founding father, for example. I hope today we can adopt this motion unanimously. During this month of March, when ordinarily we would be celebrating throughout the country, we cannot, and rightfully so. Let us adopt this motion and give Irish Canadians and all Canadians something to celebrate this year, next year and every year thereafter.”

What a proud moment in Canadian Irish history!!