Summer 2016


We are pleased to feature Culinary Queen Chef Clodagh McKenna, who can also been seen on our cover. In this issue, you’ll learn a little about the chef herself and get the chance to make and try some of her delicious recipes for yourself. We’ve also got a feature to share with you, focusing on Peggy Delaney, a standout member of Toronto’s Irish community. Be sure to read our GAA Update on the Calgary Cup, and don’t miss the writing advice we have to offer you from two-time Children’s Lit Winner Caroline Pignat.

If you’re interested in some Celtic history, this month we are pleased to feature a story to commemorating 1916 Rising Centenary across many main Canadian cities. We’ve also got an interesting read on The Jacobite steam train service in the Highlands of Scotland, which provides some of the most scenic rail journeys available.

This is just a taste of what our Summer issue has to offer and we hope you enjoy each article within the pages. We can’t wait to continue to highlight Celtic talents, events and news in our upcoming issues.