The Rising

    To free their people from centuries of oppression, a young polio survivor and his old firebrand mentor plan a secret rebellion against the British Empire.  Based on the true story of the 1916 Easter Rising Rebellion, ‘The Rising’ will be the first motion picture to dramatise the heroic story of a cultural revolution that led to the creation of the Irish Republic. It is the prequel to Neil Jordan’s ‘Michael Collins’ and Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or winner ‘The Wind that shakes the Barley’. 

    Director – Kevin McCann

    “Over my career, I have been drawn into a creative inquisition about identity, place, history and belief. As we near the 100-year anniversary of Irish Independence, I feel it my duty as an Irish filmmaker to complete the trilogy of movies about its decade of change (1912 – 1922).

    ‘The Rising’ is a true story that is as powerful and as vital as our greatest legends and mythologies.

    It is a true myth for all of us to believe in.“


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