Visiting Dublin is like taking a great big breath of fresh air.

Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin

It is modern and historic, exciting and relaxing, no wonder Lonely Planet named it as one of the world’s top 10 cities to visit in 2016!

Dublin: it’s a mix of old and new, where Viking remains, medieval churches, 18th century classical architecture and modern street sculpture live side by side. This is a city at ease with itself, happily absorbing new ideas, while embracing traditions of old. Hipsters cycle to work along Georgian streets; young musicians Instagram pictures as they rehearse ancient folk tunes, and landmarks are never usually known by their allotted titles. Dubliners, you see, have always been quick to adopt irreverent nicknames for the city’s trimmings, and “Tart with the Cart” has long since replaced the official moniker of Molly Malone and her infamous wheelbarrow…