There and Back Again…Coming Home

The Film

Coming Home is a landmark documentary charting the journeys of five Irish emigrants spread across four continents as they pursue a common dream of returning to live out their remaining days in Ireland.

The film explores each emigrant’s personal voyage, tracing their initial departure from Ireland stretching right back to the years of mass emigration from Ireland in the 50’s through to the more recent wave of departures sparked by the global financial crisis in 2008.

Reflecting on such key events as parting from loved ones in Ireland, the thrill of arriving in new unexplored worlds, coping with homesickness and the challenge of being separated from family and the familiar Coming Home captures the joys and sorrows in the life of an Irish emigrant.

The Filmmaker

Coming Home is Cathal Kenna’s debut feature documentary film. Cathal was responsible for sound, camera and editing on this film as well as direction.

Cathal set up Clann Films to distribute Coming Home and is currently developing a number of projects for the company.

“Since 2008 I have seen many friends and family leave Ireland in search of a better life. They are ever present in my thoughts and I often question how their departure impacts on their lives as well as on the lives of those they leave behind.”