Healthy and Safe Vacationing Together, Here in Québec!

Now that summer is in full swing and that travellers are responding to our invitation to say Bonjour Québec, the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec would like to reiterate the importance of complying with the current sanitary guidelines, to ensure our collective health and safety, particularly the obligation to wear masks in closed public spaces that will come into effect in the coming days.

In keeping with the current public health guidelines, tourism businesses in all of Québec’s regions are ready to do what they do best: offering visitors a warm welcome. Thrilled that the population can once again live or relive the experiences that they offer, the tens of thousands of industry businesses throughout Québec’s 22 tourist regions have made every effort to welcome visitors, in full compliance with health measures.

Meeting the Challenge Together

This summer will certainly be different from previous ones. However, Québec’s tourism industry already masters the art of welcoming people and applying the highest standards in terms of cleanliness. The industry will continue to protect travellers. It nevertheless relies on cooperation from its guests when it comes to applying the health measures currently in effect. Our industry has every faith in their visitors’ understanding and never fails to assure them that their experiences in Québec this summer will be inspiring and will create lasting memories.  

In order to meet the challenges of the deconfinement together, the industry invites travellers to:

  • Plan their vacations by preparing their itinerary, taking into account the guidelines for travel between regions and cities, as well as the health guidelines enforced by the places they intend to visit.
  • Ensure that the places that interest them are open by contacting the regional or sectoral tourism associations, or the businesses themselves beforehand.
  • Allow more time for visits, as access to some tourist sites may take longer than usual due to the health protection measures in place.
  • Respect the 2-metre social distancing guidelines and wear a mask during visits to closed public places, which will be mandatory in Québec as of July 18, 2020.
  • Respect the measures implemented by the business visited, as well as its employees’ instructions, while being considerate and enjoying themselves!


“Entrepreneurs from our industry are ready to welcome travellers and offer them a wonderful vacation in Québec. The health guidelines are rigorously applied and travellers will be welcomed in a vigilant and conscientious manner because every action counts. Our industry seeks to be an integral part of a successful deconfinement; during the summer vacation period, it will take on the role of catalyst for Québec’s short-term, medium-term and long-term economic recovery.”

Martin Soucy, President and CEO, Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec