Zoom into a room with a gorgeous view

Use the magic of technology to create a window onto some of Ireland’s most spectacular views.

Are you, like so many of us, spending your days on Zoom? But wishing you were experiencing the spray of the Atlantic Ocean along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way or cosying up in an Irish pub? The real deal will have to wait for now, but Zoom and some other video-conferencing apps, allow you to upload a picture as your background, transporting you into a gorgeous landscape. Here are five iconic Irish background views.

The Cliffs of Moher
With the majestic Cliffs of Moher behind you, you will almost feel the wind in your hair. Rising to 214m (700 feet) at their highest point and ranging over 8km, they are a stunning part of Ireland’s spectacular Wild Atlantic Way. The dramatic cliffs have faced the Atlantic for over 350 million years and stand as examples of nature’s power to carve out breath-taking landscapes.  

Kylemore Abbey 
If you need to de-stress, get yourself in front of splendid Kylemore Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery that exudes an air of peaceful grandeur. Located in ruggedly beautiful Connemara on the west coast, the nineteenth-century building’s impressively romantic architecture reflects its beginnings as a castle – a token of love given by Mitchell Henry to his wife. The Abbey overlooks Lough Pollacappul, which you might imagine lapping gently against the shore.

Giant’s Causeway
Escape into an awesome, other-worldly landscape by making your background image the famous Giant’s Causeway on Northern Ireland’s spectacular Causeway Coast. The unique hexagonal basalt pillars – 40,000 of them – were formed by slow cooling lava millions of years ago (or, if you prefer, by the legendary giant Finn McCool when he built a causeway to Scotland). The causeway is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge
As long as the idea of crossing a rope bridge suspended over crashing waves does not inspire vertigo, you may choose to capture picturesque Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge on Northern Ireland’s gorgeous north coast as your window into Ireland. The bridge, which spans a 30-metre deep and 20-metre wide chasm, was originally built to allow fishermen to access an island, where they risked life and limb to catch migrating north Atlantic salmon.

Cosy Irish pub
Where better to relax than in a cosy Irish pub with friends, warmed by a cup of tea, coffee or your favourite tipple. Nothing beats an open fire for creating an atmosphere of ease and a focus around which to gather and enjoy some craic.  And there’s always a good chance that someone will strike up some trad music and get everyone dancing. With this image at your back you’ll feel the warmth of the Irish welcome and melt into weekend mode.

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