Ireland’s Ancient East.

Glendalough. Co Wicklow. Ireland

The Wicklow Mountains National Park is nothing if not varied. Here, rushing streams and purple mountains share space with bogland, stone bridges and green valleys. In one such valley – Glendalough (Valley of the Two Lakes) – a solitary 6th century monk, St Kevin, sought peace.

…one of the most beautiful corners of the whole country…

Disciples started to arrive at Kevin’s retreat in around 540 AD and the settlement soon expanded into a cathedral, six churches and a round tower, becoming one of Europe’s most important monastic sites.

Extensive ruins are still visible, despite the site being plundered by Vikings and then falling to the Normans in 1398. For your visit, make sure to pack good walking shoes, as the stroll around Glendalough’s twin lakes is among the prettiest in Ireland’s Ancient East.